Education and Training

Otis Junior-Senior High School, Otis, CO, 1976, High School Diploma

United States Army Academy of Health Sciences, Ft. Sam Houston, TX, 1978, Medical Laboratory Technician Training

Logan County Hospital, Oakley, KS, 1978-1981, Respiratory Therapy and X-ray Technology Cross Trainings

Colby Community College, Colby, KS, 1981, Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.) in Chemistry

University of Kansas Medical Center, Outreach Program, Oakley, KS, 1981, EMT Training

Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS, 1984, Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.);
Major in Chemistry;
"Old School" Teaching Minors in Biology, Math and Physics

University of Nevada [School of Medicine, Division of Biochemistry], Reno, Reno, NV, 1990,
Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Endocrine Biochemistry

JS Saddlery, Cliff, NM, James Sturgeon, Proprietor/Instructor, Saddle School, 2013

Professional Experience; Abridged

August 1990-August 1991: WNCC's First Biology/Chemistry Teaching Assistant, WNCC

August 1990-August 1991: Adjunct Instructor of Biology, WNCC

1 July 1991-30 June 1992: Emergency Hire -- Full-Time Biology Instructor, WNCC

1 July 1992-30 June 1997: Tenure Track Biology/Chemistry Instructor, WNCC

Fall 1999: Brought First Human Cadavers to WNCC

1 July 1997-30 June 2021: Professor of Biophysical Sciences, WNCC/WNC

1 July 2001-30 June 2002: Lead Instructor, Division of Science and Allied Health, WNCC

Spring-Summer 2002: Oversaw First Lab remodel for A Two-Cadaver Lab and Chemistry Instrumentation Lab ("old" 202 ASP), WNCC

1 July 2002-30 June 2004: Chair, Division of Science and Allied Health, WNCC

1 June 2004-30 June 2004: Acting Dean of Instruction

1 July 2004-30 June 2021: Professor of Biophysical Sciences, WNCC/WNC

Fall 2012-Fall 2017: Accelerated BIOL 223/224 Course Offerings for Pre-Nursing Students to 8 Weeks' Long Courses, WNC

Fall 2017-Spring 2021: Accelerated BIOL 190, 251, 223 and 224 Course Offerings for Pre-Nursing Students Over Two Semesters Instead of Four Semesters, WNC

Fall 2014-January 2018 Designed Basic Layout, Participated in and Oversaw pre-, peri- and post-William N. Pennington Biophysical Sciences and Human Cadaver Laboratory Facilities Remodel, WNC

July 2018: Adjusted Design Layout of ASP 212 New Biology Lab to Fit Available Space in ASP (north end), WNC

1 July 2021-Present: Emeritus Professor of Biophysical Sciences, WNC

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